Agorespace - Multi-use Fields

Multi-use game areas offer flexible spaces for people of all ages to play and connect with others who enjoy a variety of sports. Over 30 years ago, Agorespace created the concept of multi-use game areas and as the unrivaled leader in the market have since installed over 5000 fields in 35 countries. Their broad experience and team of sports specialists are dedicated to ensuring the success and longevity of every project and we are thrilled to be bringing this exciting new offering to Southern California.

Perfect for public parks, school play yards, fitness facilities, neighborhoods and more, each installation can be customized to meet the needs of your community by working with our team to select the size, sports and color scheme for your specific project.

Agorespace sports fields are designed for 9 sports:

Soccer ~ Basketball ~ Pickleball ~ Hockey ~ Volleyball ~ Badminton ~ Tennis ~ Soccer-Tennis ~


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