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Landscape Structures New Products for 2023

Introducing the 2023 New Products for Landscape Structures – Forma™, a sculptural take on traditional‌ play structures. Clean, modern and unlike anything else, Forma uses asymmetrical shapes, unique‌ angles and a mix of materials to create play that looks and feels brand new.  Clear sightlines make‌ it easy to see all the activity.  Above, below, inside and out, there’s so much to explore with Forma!

NEW Color and Palettes for 2023!

Landscape Structures knows how important color is and how it can change the look, feel and theme of a structure.  That’s why they have developed so many options and NEW for 2023 are two more color pallets with the new color “Sprout” added to the options.

From subtle statements to bold impacts, we have the colors to suit your space! We offer over 60 distinct color palettes and hundreds of playground color combinations that come together perfectly to match your play personality. These palettes are inspired by nature, science, art and everything in between to make your playground stand apart from the others. Every color meets our rigorous standards for fade-resistance, gloss retention and durability.

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Forma Fortress Multi Climber
Forma Foxtrot Multi Climber 2
Form Giggle Jiggler Climber
Foxtrot Multi Climber closeup
Fox Den Hangouts
Forma Focal Sensory Wall
Forma Forge Climber
Forma Alpine Slide 2
Forma Southwest Park
Forma Post Connections
Forma in Wooded Park
New 2023 Color Palette CJ
New 2023 Color Palette CK

  • Dumor New Products

    Meant to move. DuMor has developed a series of lightweight chairs and matching tables. Wood or recycled plastic seating, built-in handle, all-welded construction. Choose from chair height, bar height, or lounge.

    510 Chair and 514 Table

    Durable welded aluminum chair with ipe or wood grain recycled plastic surface. Pick from lumber, steel, or laser cut steel tables.

    512 Lounger and 516 Table

    Sit back and relax. With a lower stance, more reclined, and wider seat, this set is made for warm days and long conversations. 512 Lounger also available in a 4 foot long, 2-person lounger. Kick your feet up on to the matching coffee table to complete the experience.

    511 Stool and 515 Table

    Rise above. Sitting at bar height, this set offers all the same options. Design your space with a diversity of seating heights and see how the space comes alive.

    Dumor 510 Chair
    Dumor 511 and 515
    Dumor 514 and 510
    Dumor 516 Coffee Table

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