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Landscape Structures New Products for 2022

Introducing the 2022 New Products for Landscape Structures.  Our sales team is excited to share with you the latest in innovation, design, inclusive play and affordability that LSI has to offer.

Smart Play® Summit™

Kids ages 5 to 12 of all abilities will find multiple ways to climb this faceted mountaintop while encountering plenty of wild surprises along the way. A gradation of cool colors matches the ascent, culminating in a peak of icy Pebble. Bring the mountains to your play area with this condensed-footprint, giant play-value playstructure that welcomes a whole crowd of climbers at once.

Revi™ Products

Three new independent pieces that will get kids spinning and bouncing! First up is the ReviRock™ Bouncer that provides bouncy, rocking fun to children of all abilities. There’s plenty of room for kids to lay down, sit, kneel, or stand as they experiment with the motion.  Then we have the ReviWheel™ Spinner that includes a grab wheel in the center so kids can spin themselves around and around. This piece was designed with inclusion in mind with space for one or many kids riding in various positions.  Last but certainly not least, the ReviWhirl™ Spinner is an adventure in physics offering spinning through perpetual motion or a push from the outside. We’ve designed this piece with inclusion in mind with space for one or many kids riding in various positions.

The Revi Products sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience!

Symbol Communication Sign

Pictures and symbols are an effective way for non-verbal, speech-challenged, and early-learning individuals to communicate with friends and caregivers. Placing a Symbol Communication Sign at the entrance to a play area ensures that everyone can express themselves!

Developed with guidance from experts in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Inclusive Design, Karen B. Haines and Ingrid M. Kanics, Landscape Structures’ Symbol Communication Sign includes pictures representing nouns/pronouns, verbs, feelings, activities, and playground events as well as letters and numbers.

NEW Colors for 2022!

New colors to choose from that come from nature.  Check out the Permalene colors…Pebble, Seafoam, Sprout and Slate and then the Polyethelene colors…Seafoam and Slate.  We have color “palettes” to help you find that perfect complimentary color combination.

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Summit Smartplay
Communication Board
2022 Color Palettes

  • Landscape Structures New Design Products

    Landscape Structure didn’t set out to design dynamic play opportunities for smaller budgets. In fact, they simply designed great inclusive playgrounds, then discovered they happened to come in at lower price points. They’ve assembled a library of nearly 50 great designs that meet ASTM standards and are great for children of all ages and abilities.

    Featured in those great designs are the following:

    TreeTops Design 6359

    The wondrously abstract TreeTops playstructure gives kids the sense of playing in the treetops, exploring a forest canopy branch by branch. Navigate across wiggly bridges, crawl through a 3-ring climber, roar down two slides, plus so much more. Whether it is a tree fort, a forest city or agility race in the sky, there is much to explore!

    BeachComber Design 6444

    Kids ages 5 to 12 will love creating seaworthy adventures as they sail across the Tidal Wave Climber, wind their way down curvy slides and skip over the Pod Climber®. Young imaginations are encouraged to go with the watery flow as they surge forth to explore the oceans of activity built into the BeachComber.

    Billows Design 6475

    Deliver a thrilling adventure with the Billows playstructure. From the Alpine™ Slide to the twists of the Flex Climber, SwiggleKnots™ bridge and Mobius® Climber , kids ages 5 to 12 will find a plethora of ways to bounce, climb and slide the day away. Even more, with cloud-shaped shade and a kite flying overhead, kids’ imaginations will soar to new heights.

    Breeze Design 6498

    The perfect compliment to the Billows Design above is this 2-5 structure. Bouncy belting featuring wind-swept cutouts provides safe passage between the basket and two slides, encouraging kids of all abilities to soar. Chat between the brightly colored pinwheel Talk Tubes, then take off in the puffy balloon topped by SkyWays® shade fabric. This imaginative atmosphere combines soft tones with brightly saturated hues for one showstopper of a playstructure.

    NEW Sprig Design 6502

    Pair Sprig with the matching 5 to 12-year-old playstructure, Tree Tops™, and you’ll create an entire forest of play. Kids ages 2 to 5 can discover a variety of ways to flex emerging skills while exploring this new-growth playstructure.  With a color palette as fresh as spring, this whimsical structure looks like it’s sprouting from the earth. A foliage-themed Marble Panel® engages the senses at ground level. Above, a leaf slider delights as little ones navigate the bridge beneath a canopy of SkyWays® shade fabric. Tots can step or crawl across leafy pods, slide flower blossoms back and forth, or whoosh down one of two slides to ring the chimes at the bottom.

    TreeTop Design 6359      BeachComber Design 6444      Billows Design 6475      Breeze Design 6498      Sprig Design 6502      50 Great Designs Brochure     
    TreeTop Design 6359
    TreeTop Design 6359
    TreeTop Design 6359
    Beach Comber Design 6444
    Beach Comber Design 6444
    Beach Comber Design 6444
    Billows Design 6475
    Billows Design 6475
    Billows Design 6475
    Breeze Design 6498
    Breeze Design 6498
    Sprig Design 6502
    Sprig Design

  • Dumor New Products for 2021

    Meant to move. DuMor has developed a series of lightweight chairs and matching tables. Wood or recycled plastic seating, built-in handle, all-welded construction. Choose from chair height, bar height, or lounge.

    510 Chair and 514 Table

    Durable welded aluminum chair with ipe or wood grain recycled plastic surface. Pick from lumber, steel, or laser cut steel tables.

    512 Lounger and 516 Table

    Sit back and relax. With a lower stance, more reclined, and wider seat, this set is made for warm days and long conversations. 512 Lounger also available in a 4 foot long, 2-person lounger. Kick your feet up on to the matching coffee table to complete the experience.

    511 Stool and 515 Table

    Rise above. Sitting at bar height, this set offers all the same options. Design your space with a diversity of seating heights and see how the space comes alive.

    Dumor 510 Chair
    Dumor 511 and 515
    Dumor 514 and 510
    Dumor 516 Coffee Table

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