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Coast Recreation is thrilled to partner with DuMor Site Furnishings! Beginning in 2015 Coast has represented DuMor in Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial Counties. Family owned and headquartered since 1984 in the beautiful hill country of Central Pennsylvania, DuMor offers a large menu of site amenities and furnishings that have been warmly received by our Southern California customers.

Whether it is a standard catalog product or a custom design generated by a concept close to home, DuMor can provide an option likely to satisfy the needs of any designer or customer with a vision. DuMor is committed to a culture of sustainability using top quality recycled products and wood harvested from stringently regulated timber locations. The manner in which they stand by the quality of their products is one more reason we feel proud and fortunate to be their Southern California representative.

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Dumor 514 and 510
Dumor 516 Coffee Table
Dumor 505b Bench
Dumor 520 Collection curve bench
Dumor 520 Series Benches

  • Premier Polysteel

    We are excited to offer Premier Polysteel products.  Premier Polysteel is a division of ADA Enterprises, Inc. and located in Northwood, Iowa, USA. They have been manufacturing plastic coated metal products since 1974. Their founders, Allan and JoAnn Stensrud, put forth a vision from the very beginning which stressed customer satisfaction through excellence in the products they provide and their high level of customer service. They go a cut above their competitors by applying a poly-vinyl coating to each outdoor furniture part! For example, they coat not only the table tops and benches but also to the legs and braces (which will eliminate many hassles for you down the road). As a result, Premier Polysteel is able to back all coated products with an Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty!

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    Premier Polysteel Bench
    Premier Polysteel Bench
    Premier Polysteel Bench
    Premier Polysteel Bench
    Premier Polysteel Buddy Bench
    Premier Polysteel Kid Picnic Table
    Premier Polysteel Trash Receptacle
    Premier Polysteel Trash Receptacle
    Premier Polysteel Bench
    Premier Polysteel Tables and Benches

  • Landscape Structures

    We are proud to partner with Landscape Structures to offer more choices and designs when it comes to your project.  Once you’ve selected your playground equipment, chose items that will compliment and go with your chosen theme.  You can choose from our Designer Collection, Nature-Inspired Collection or Vivid Collection. The right pieces will create a clean, safe and welcoming spot for the whole community.

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