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LA Steelcraft

LA Steelcraft has provided Sport and Athletic equipment to Schools and Parks since 1950. Based in Pasadena they are a solid company with durable products and an exceptional tradition of service to the Court & Field Community. Take a look through their catalog to check out their extensive offering in the field.

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We offer outdoor sports and fitness playground equipment from Landscape Structures that is durably built and designed for outdoor parks and playgrounds. Our fitness components are built to withstand years of repeated use and exposure to the elements, so communities and schools can continue to reap the rewards of physical activity.

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The HealthBeat fitness station line is a great addition to any park, trail or multi-use complex. With over a dozen different machines there is always something new to try.  Install HealthBeat around a playground allowing caregivers to exercise while also looking after children playing. Or install HealthBeat fitness stations in quarter mile increments along a trail for a nice cardio and strength training workout.

Fitcore Exreme

Fitcore Extreme is an extreme ninja style fitness course inspired by the exploding popularity of high-intensity strength training with over 38 components! These extreme courses challenges the whole body encouraging teens and adults to stay fit in a new exciting way. Components are available for ages 5-12 and 13+.

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