Free Standing Play

Our partners out Landscape Structures have more options when it comes playground equipment. Pack more play and challenge into your playground with free standing pieces! From ZipKrooz®, our zip line for playgrounds, to playground slides, net climbers, swings and more, freestanding playground events add fun and excitement to new and existing playground designs.

Playground Climbers

Playground climbers are unique, freestanding play structures that develop physical strength, flexibility and coordination. We offer a range of space-effective playground climbers adaptable to your play area’s unique size constraints. Climbers can revitalize and re-energize your current playground or help to create a playground design that’s completely unique!

Landscape Structures playground climbers feature durable materials and thoughtful designs that allow for enriching play experiences that are also safe and sure to last for years.

More Playground Climbers     
Quantis Netplay
Forma Fortress Multi Climber
Forma Forge Climber

  • Learning Walls

    Learning Walls provide developmentally appropriate play experiences for toddlers and preschoolers. Group unlimited panels together and add a roof for playground shade to form an early childhood activity station.

    Accessible Panels are perfect for use with mobility devices or wheelchairs. Combine multiple panels together to create an accessible learning wall for your early childhood playground.

    Fun comes in all sizes! Learning Wall Enclosures create a social and safe play area perfectly sized for younger kids.

    More Learning Walls     
    Forma Southwest Park

  • Playground Motion and More

    Freestanding Motion & More Fun equipment adds special spinning, gliding, rocking, bouncing motions that kids love! Keeping kids active one spin, bounce or glide at a time! Motion provides great sensory benefits for children of all ages and comes in many formats.

    Spinners allow kids to spin the day away as their body weight shifts. Spinners also provide a fun way for kids to develop better depth perception, balance and cause-and-effect.

    Kids love to fly! Track Rides have been a favorite on any playground for many years. Now, with ziplines being the fastest growing recreation sport in the world we are excited to bring ziplines to the playground with ZipKrooz® and ZipKrooz Assisted for children of all abilities.

    More Motion     
    Whirly Q
    Fox Den Hangouts
    Forma Giggle Jiggler

  • Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments

    Joy that can be heard and felt whether it is bold or subtle, composed or random. Musical instruments offer a unique way for kids and adults to be creative and express themselves both physical and emotionally.

    Kids and adults of all ages can join the band with our superior collection of chimes, metallophone, bells and drums. Explore the power of rhythm, experience subtle shifts in tone and discover the many ways individual sounds can be creatively combined. Great for playgrounds, community centers, schools, senior centers or other public spaces.

    Rhapsody Collection from Landscape Structures     
    Cascata Bells
    Kettle Drum
    Vibra Chimes
    Rhapsody Tongue Drum

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