Project Spotlight – Together We Grow

Coast Recreation is honored to work with the largest pediatric day health care center in California – Together We Grow.  The center contacted us to help them renovate their playgrounds to better fit their vision and goal of providing a place where children are accepted for the individuals they are.  Which means they needed equipment that was challenging, engaging and inclusive to all types of abilities.  Our first project was at their San Diego location and the transformation has been a hit with the kids.  The staff at Together We Grow and our installation partner, Tot Lot Pros, were able to grab pictures and video as a few of the “kids” tested the new equipment.  You can see and hear their excitement as they were finally able to use the equipment that they had been watching the guys build for them.

Project Highlights:

  • Inclusive Play Space
    • We-Go-Round – This patent-pending merry-go-round offers ample room for kids and families to interact and play together – including those in wheelchairs. The integrated roof provides shade, and the center handhold allows riders to participate in the spinning fun.
    • Sway Fun Wheelchair Glider – It’s the first wheelchair-accessible glider that meets ALL safety standards!
    • Castle Playstructure with Ramps for easy accessibility
    • Roller Slide – This slide brings a cool, sensory experience to the playground, and an inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities.
    • Omni Spinner – The high-backed OmniSpin® Spinner offers children of all abilities valuable vestibular sensory stimulation and encourages interactive play.
    • We-Saw – A seesaw that was specifically designed to accommodate kids and entire families of all abilities. With its center platform and molded bucket seats at transfer height, this multi-person seesaw is accessible, promotes social inclusion and is great for facilities focusing on multi-generational solutions.
    • Accessible Panels – Accessible Panels are perfect for use with mobility devices or wheelchairs and create an accessible learning wall for all abilities.
  • Shade for Play Area
  • Turf for Play Space

More Pictures

About Landscape Structures and their Inclusive Play Commitment

Coast Recreation is proud to represent one of the finest manufacturers that is dedicated to “Inclusive” play spaces – Landscape Structures, Inc.  They know that playgrounds play an important role in the development of kids of ALL abilities. They provide multisensory experiences that help to build the brain more quickly.

So how does Landscape Structures design and develop inclusive play equipment?  They have gathered a team of experts in the fields of child development, adaptive recreation, sensory play and occupational therapy to form an Inclusive Play Advisory Board. They have been specifically engaged to provide valued guidance for the development of new products, concepts and user experiences. The Advisory Board shares their expert insights, best practices, latest research and in-depth industry knowledge with the Landscape Structures team, helping them to further advance the inclusive and sensory play movement.

Click here for more information about Landscape Structures and Inclusive Play.

About Together We Grow

Together We Grow has two facilities in San Diego County, and is the largest pediatric day health care center in California.

The unique child development and education program includes:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Infant through adolescent activities
  • Child care and preschool
  • Early Start
  • Medically fragile weekend program
  • Extended day program for medically fragile children
  • Assistive technology
  • Sensory integration room

For more information about Together We Grow, please visit their website at

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