Custom Playground Design Ideas and More Budget Friendly Options

Custom Design Inspiration

Find inspiration for your upcoming projects by browsing Landscape Structures latest sampling of design ideas and concepts.  LSI’s team of designers have put together a beautiful selection of designs that incorporate different concepts and challenges.

Each design includes a downloadable DWG file that you can include in your next design concept for a client. The designs include net structures, tower structures, topography and nature-inspired environments. Browse the designs and then contact us for more information.

Link to Design Gallery

Great Design, Great Affordability

Now, more than ever, customers are looking for more options to meet smaller budgets.  Landscape Structures has created a collection of dynamic playground designs that meet budgets of every size. And rest assured, these designs meet all ADA requirements to be inclusive for children and families of all abilities. This collection of designs under $40,000 has been curated by LSI’s design experts to give you innovative and iconic choices at an affordable price point.

The lead design in this collection is the brand new TreeTops structure, which gives kids the sense of playing in the treetops while also allowing them to navigate across wiggly bridges and so much more.  TreeTops is a preconfigured design with many color choices. Check out the 3D renderings below.

Link to Great Designs at an Affordable Price

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